Saturday, May 11, 2002

my weird day

had practice PSAT thangy 9-12 this morning.....waii, i almost diiiiied.....but I got a 183, so hehehehe.....and then my dad was late. bah. and I didn't eat until like 1:30..........*growls* but oh well. *bounces around* it's saaaturday......and i'm happy.....for some reason....oh well, mebbe cuz I ate. ^^;; lesse.....I wanna re-watch my inu-yasha movies today....and NOT think about beating hard mean evil Zelda shadow-boss....*makes mental note to kidnap Doug, hold him for ransom and make him play Zelda forever* yahahhahahaAHAHAHAHHA >=) and now I must go buy my mom a present for mother's day. I'm so nice. ^^

Friday, May 10, 2002

Which Woman of Beauty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

i'm a FOREST BEAUTY!!!! *laughs madly* Hehe.....I was just wondering....what if they were really evil, and after you took the test they were like, "HAHA!! you aren't a beauty! you're UGLY!!" hehe, that'd be mean.

*looks for pics* DAHAHAHAH inu-yasha takin' a bath...don't worry, ya can't see anything......^.~

Thursday, May 09, 2002

I am 13% evil.
Take the test ::

score! only 13% evil. XD

*looks at allison's blog*

can't find test tho. OH i clicked on the wrong thing. well here we go....

i'm sakuma ryuichi na no da!

which member of nittle-grasper from gravitation are you? click here!

eeheehee i'm ryuichi!!! *huggle* so cuuuuteee......

oki.....i'm about done I guess....I *thought* I had something really funny to say.....but maybe not. oh well...

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

i had an interesting day.

first, this.

Sapheire Faery: hi
barlowgirl2004: YOU MADE IT!
barlowgirl2004: meee2
Sapheire Faery: I DID?!!!!!
barlowgirl2004: :-)
Sapheire Faery: WOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!
barlowgirl2004: YES!!
barlowgirl2004: :-)

ehehehehe. me and lara must have a party now. and then I had an interesting convo with Michael....Oo

Sapheire Faery: i made it yeah
bikerboy186: Tight.
Sapheire Faery: lolol
bikerboy186: Good job.
Sapheire Faery: wheeee ^^
Sapheire Faery: it's so funny........every time my tape totally sucks, i make it.......
bikerboy186: Yeah, wonder what would happen if you made a good one.
Sapheire Faery: LOL
Sapheire Faery: i'd probably NOT make it
bikerboy186: That would be funny.
Sapheire Faery: hahahhahaaa

it was great...except Amy didn't make it.....;_; we decided to kill the freshmen in Philharmonic next year.

Sapheire Faery: like half the sectin in honors leaving
Sapheire Faery: sectin*
Sapheire Faery: SECTION
Sapheire Faery: there we go
chibi pixel: hehe
Sapheire Faery: so we move on in..........>=)
chibi pixel: yah...and i'll be like..last chair then
Sapheire Faery: psssh
Sapheire Faery: we will be..........FIRSZXT STNAD!
Sapheire Faery:
Sapheire Faery: i'm sure you can read that
chibi pixel: lol
Sapheire Faery: hehehe
chibi pixel: I will kill whatever fish he put in there.
chibi pixel: because the only logical choice is that it's a freshman, right? freshman, or susan.
Sapheire Faery: hehe
Sapheire Faery: die, fishies, DIE
chibi pixel: DIE.
Sapheire Faery: *stab stab*
chibi pixel: hehe
chibi pixel: i feel better now. i might as well stop brooding anyways..
Sapheire Faery: heh
Sapheire Faery: let's grill the freshmen
Sapheire Faery: mwahahh
chibi pixel: yes, and eat them
Sapheire Faery: LOL
Sapheire Faery: bar b q
chibi pixel: hehe
Sapheire Faery: yum
chibi pixel: i'll bet they taste good
Sapheire Faery: >=)
chibi pixel: unless they'er too bony
Sapheire Faery: ewwwwwww
Sapheire Faery: not too fat either
chibi pixel: lol

ehehehe.......^^;; and now, without further ado, the survey.

mah surveh

About You:

• Full Name: Kristy Nicole Borger
• Nicknames: ....Kris? although only Eryn calls me that anymore...
• Screen names: oh boy....SapheireFaery, PDMasterette, Qtkitty315....
• Sex : Female...
• Birthday: 3-15-86
• Zodiac sign: Pisces rule all!
• Hospital where you were born: Dallas?
• Location: ....what is WITH this question?? Location of WHAT?
• Weight: 'bout 105
• Hair Color: brown. My highlights are dead.
• Eye Color: green ^^
• Siblings (names & ages): Amy- 14, Shannon- 7
• Parents names: Karen and Dave
• Hobbies and interests: viola, drawing, reading, writing, typing....lots of typing.....chrono trigger, and nintendo. ^^

Crushes and stuff:

• Crush: Doug!
• Girlfriend/Boyfriend: ....Doug! ^^
• If you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be?: ...Doug!
• When and who was your 1st crush?: ......*sigh* derek.....must we go thru this again...?
What do you notice about the opposite sex? (looks alone): I guess eyes
• Your idea of a perfect date: uhhhh....anything fun
• Biggest turn-on: uh......*blink*
• Ideal girl/guy: too lazy to put it.
• Most romantic thing that happened to you: homecoming. ^^ so sweet.


• Memory [thing or animal or whatever] you miss most: SAN ANTONIOOOOO!!
• If you could go back in time, where would you go?: ....san antonio.
• Thing that you regretted doing after you had done it: ...not telling.
• Memory you would like to forget: I almost fell down the stairs today ><
• What'd you do yesterday? [just curious]: lots of stuff I'm not telling YOU
• Last person(s) you talked to on the phone: doug
• Last song you listened to: Trip Away
• TV show you wish they would re-air again: none


• Occupation: I dunno......
• Dream Car: anything.....
• Marriage: I dunno....
• Future son's name: bob
• Future daughter's name: sally. I dunno!@><
• Honeymoon: hawaii....i dunno....
• Where will you live?: I DON'T
• What are you doing tomorrow? KNOW!!


• Food: anything with chocolate
• Drink: cokepepsi.
• TV show/movie: whose line is it anyway?
• Color: red
• Weekend Activity: chillin wit my homies. Oo I dunno....
• Day of the week: ....Saturday. allowance day. XD
• Month: March! My bday!
• Book/magazine: uh.....17
• Holiday: xmas
• Number: 7.....?
• Phrase to overuse:
• Restaurant: chicken express ^^
• Radio Station: kiss fm
• Sport: tennis?
• Hangout: school -_-


• Favorite anime series: currently? Slayers.
• Favorite anime female character: lina is cool I guess. Kick those butts.
• Favorite anime male character: inu-yasha, duh. XD
• Subs or Dubs: uh.....dunno

People you know:

• Friends: you know who you are! *points*
• Best Friend(s): not realy anybody at the moment.,....
• Funniest: ME!! lol I dunno
• Silliest: definitely me. or crystal. ^^
• Loudest: ..crystal. ^^;;
• Craziest: .....*cough*
• Skinniest: ....i WISH me
• Best at keeping secrets: amy, I guess
• The one you have, but wish you didn't: LOL...I dunno
• Smartest: uhh....
• Most innocent-looking: elsa, lol
• Sweetest: meeeee XD
• Hottest: doug XD
• Weirdest: all of us
• Biggest pervert: ....Oo

Do you believe in:

• Heaven & Hell?: yeah
• God?: yeah
• Yourself?: I do now

Have you ever:

• Been on a plane: yep
• Cried in public: sometimes
• Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: almost
• Kissed a guy/girl: duh XD
• Been scared to get a shot: lots
• Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: no
• Had an online relationship: nooo
• Said, "I love you," and meant it: yesh
• Loved somebody so much it made you cry: yesh. ^^

Random questions:

• Last time you showered: yesterday
• Do you like this survey?: sorta....
• What are the last 4 digits of your number?: 4939
• One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: feather? They still have those?
• How long are you in the shower?: ....waaay too long ^^;;
• What does your screen name mean?: it means shut up and leave me alone. ......Actually it's from my favorite comic. ^^;;
• Who do you most admire?: dunno.

there we go. an actual, long post. wheehoo go me. ^.^

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

test tiime! ^^

Take the What Type of Friend are
quiz, and visit

you are ringwraith #


the funny one

Which Ringwraith Are You? Quiz by maikamariel

You are Pop!

Trendy, fashionable, and popular, you are pop music. You have tastes of your own, but you tend to mold yourself into whatever you feel you're supposed to be. Your main theme is fashion, social hierarchy, and popularity. You believe that as long as you have friends you can be happy. As such, you would do just about anything to keep the friends you make, even if it is at your expense. A social creature by nature, you tend to base your opinions on both the world and yourself on the opinions of the society you live in. This trait makes you a social chameleon who can potentially move through the various social hierarchies with little trouble, though people not inclined to seek social acceptance may view you as a tool.

Take the what music genre are you quiz by PsychosisX!