Saturday, May 04, 2002

ok, I've been thinking. for all I know, I'm the only one with this opinion, but I'm getting really sick of all the yaoi stuff. granted, it was a little funny at first....but only a little, and I can't think of any specific funny-examples. sooo. first of all, this is getting really old. it's been going on for like the whole year, or at least it feels like it. and i'm SICK of it. you guys have serious problems if you get turned on thinking about guys having sex. i mean, that's what it is, isn't it? what's next, you gonna join a threesome? i can't control what you do, but for the love of god, at least do....whatever it is you the privacy of your own home and not at school. we're all smart people, or at least i thought we were.....anyway, we can find something else to talk about instead of yaoi, yaoi, yaoi. how would you like it if we sat with a bunch of guys at lunch and all they talked about was yuri and made jokes about it and stuff? you'd be ready to barf in ten minutes and you know it. AND you'd also probably yell and bitch at them to shut up about it. you wouldn't put up with it at all. and another thing....i don't want any of this whiny crap like, "oh, if you don't like it then just shut up blah blah blah", cuz no, i won't. i will rant about it until it's over with. i can't believe you guys call ME perverted for copying a fanfic ONE TIME. well at least it wasn't about gay sex. hypocrites. >< i'll have you know i threw the damn thing away and plan to never do anything like that again. the funny thing was, i felt like i had to do it to fit in, so to speak. well now i don't even care anymore. if everybody's willing to hate me because I want one thing changed, you weren't friends in the first place. bah. one last thing....I know you guys know this isn't right. homosexuality is WRONG, it's not meant to happen, obviously.....and i also know you know it's wrong because you wouldn't want your parents finding out. if you wouldn't do it with parents around, it must be a GOOD thing, right? nope, not at all. so if everybody hates me by now....keep in mind that i'm not asking THAT much. i'm not making you give it up altogether or threatening you, i just don't want everyone talking about it at school. if you can't bring yourself to do that, then you have a bunch of problems and you should probly see a counselor. i'm not saying that out of spite either; i'm serious. it's not considered normal to like something like that. well anyway, that's my yaoi rant. as if anyone really CARES how i feel.....but bring on the yelling and screaming anyway. i don't care anymore.

Friday, May 03, 2002

hehe, lesse. boring and on. Boring boring chemistry....dumb lab....i have a feeling mrs. lively-el-diablo only gave us half the never said to test the NaCo3 and CaCO3 for gas people T_T.....PartAYed in Spanish (cinco de mayo) and read our pretty poem about fairies. ^^ whee! we made puppets for Dylan's group....they did angels, and mine turned into this devil-freaky thing....hehe. sarah's was a gay dude. seriously, it WAS. o.o then dance.....watched boring Spy Kids movie....went to lunch, met Zack (finally, hehe. for some reason i thought he had blue eyes and blond not know why. ^^;; i have no clue what caused me to infer that...*looks at his pic on his livejournal....with dark eyes* GRR>. o well. and then math...took notes.....laughed at taylor told not-funny jokes. that was my day.
.......Actually...even though the JOKES weren't funny, it was what Mr. Taylor was doing that made them funny. like always.
*reads allison's blog* *gasp* i never thanked you for the donuts?! i must do something!
................^^;; there we go. enough thank you to cover two years. mebbe. eep, i feel so inconsiderate now........9_9;;; i should buy donuts too! ..except....we don't go that way. darnit.
i just had an interesting conversation with Rodney......

Sapheire Faery: hi
Charm1418: hello
Sapheire Faery: sup?
Charm1418: just surfing
Sapheire Faery: heh
Sapheire Faery: i guessed you were at school
Charm1418: yep
Sapheire Faery: hehe
Charm1418: I got to go now
Charm1418: bye
Sapheire Faery: o ok
Sapheire Faery: byee
Charm1418 signed off at 3:13:11 PM

isn't that a lovely long chat, hehe. ^^;; i'm so talktative today. *_* (or at least on here......) and since i am now bored, i shall take tests. lots of them. then survey.

Which LOTR Woman are you?

*does a little dance* yeah-heah, i'm arwen, the cool one. ^^

I'm Otaru!

I'm Otaru Mamiya!. I'll help out anyone in need, it doesn't really bother me! Although some people consider me different, but I just think I'm unique!

Wanna take the Saber Marionette online test?

*giggles* heehee, i got the hot guy....doesn't look as hot in that pic tho O.o.....and i kinda at LEAST wanted to be a GIRL, dangit. oh well......

Which HP Kid Are You?

bah! i don't want harry! i don't know WHY i don't want him......i just don't. ^^;; ehe

ok, too lazy to take more tests. ^^;; what was i gonna do??? oh yeah, survey.

Pick up a book and write a sentence at random from it: "In the end, these shards of broken worlds may be your best hope of discovering the identity of that betrayer of ages past, that destroyer of cultures, that defiler of sacred traditions." hehe, creepy, huh? it's from my MYST journal......

Do the same with a lyric from a song. (uhhh...pick up a song and ...?): "trip away...make no me by the break of day....." or something like that.

Have you ever tried to analyze your own dreams? sometimes. *cough cough* ehehe. ^^;;

What posters do you have in your room? INU-YASHA ALL THE WAY!!!

Can you sing? i try. and sometimes not.

What's your favorite color of post-it note? ....they're all the same....what kind of question is this? o.o

How many cassette tapes do you own? ehehe...lots..since I wanted my songs on my CD player upstairs but didn't have a CD burner yet, I was forced to record them onto tapes. bah.

How many cd's do you own? 20-something I'd guess.

Ever bought a cd for just one song? maaybe...^^;; sore wa himitsu desu. ^^

Have you ever lied to get off the phone? not that I remember, no. I'm a bad liar, anyway.

Have you ever written a survey? yes.

How about a song? haha part of one. ripped it up afterward. =P

Or maybe a poem? yes. lots. but they were for creative writing.

Are you addicted to Napster? haha no, don't even have it.

Ever been in an airplane? like 4 times.

If so where were you flying to? ....does it really matter?? florida and arizona.....not in the same trip.....

What color are your shoes? white mostly.

Describe your bedroom: messy. blue and white bed. dresser and table and such..closet....mirror....two drapes...FREEZING in winter and hot in summer.

Would you ever shave someone else's head? ew. lice. no.

Name your favorite type of music: currently....para para and ddr. :D

Are you a vegetarian? hahahahah no

How about an aspiring actor/actress? psssh no. me acting?!?! IMPOSSIBLE!!

What famous person dead or alive would you interview if you had the chance? nobody. i'd be too lazy. :D

What movies do you have almost all the lines memorized to? AHAHAH none. i have the worst memory ever.

*today have i ..
smiled?: yes. bunches.
laughed?: yes! alot! ^^
cried?: yesh
bought something?: a drink.
danced?: a little bit.
were sarcastic?: mebbe.
talked to an ex?: ...what ex?......
watched your favorite movie?: noo.

*a last time for everything.......
last book you read: inu-yasha
last movie you saw: ice age.....?
last song you heard: "trip away"
last thing you had to drink: capri sun
last time you showered: yesterday
last thing you ate: uhhh....gushers

*do you...
smoke?: no.
do drugs?: no.
have sex?: noooo.
sleep with stuffed animals?: yeah
live in the moment?: i guess so.....
have a dream that keeps coming back?: sometimes....
play an instrument?: HECK YEAH!! VIOLAS RULE!! XDD
believe there is life on other planets?: not really no
remember your first love?: yeah
still love him/her?: heh no
read the newspaper?: nope
have any gay or lesbian friends?: not lesbian no
believe in miracles?: sorta.
believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yeah ^^
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: OH yeah ;)
consider love a mistake?: naaah
have a favorite candy?: Twix! m & m's! skittles! .....yeah.
believe in astrology?: astrology...? isn't that like saying "do you believe in chemistry?"
believe in magic?: haha no
believe in God?: yeah!
go to church?: yep
do well in school?:sorta...
go to or plan to go to college?: yeah
wear hats?: yeah! ^^
have any piercings?: ears
have any tattoos?: no
hate yourself?: ....only sometimes
have an obsession?: inu-yahsa....zelda.......chrono trigger....eeheh....
have a secret crush?: no
do they know yet?: ......of ocurse. 9_9
collect anything?: nothing comes to mind
have a best friend?: lots! ^^
wish on stars?: maybe onec in a while
like your handwriting?: sorta
have any bad habits?: most definitely yes.
care about looks?: on me i do
believe in witches?: no. -_-
believe in Satan?: yeah i guess

1] Fallen for your best friend? um....since most of my best friends have been girls, no. 9_9
2] Been rejected? not that i remember....
3] Been in love? yeah
4] Been in lust? i'm not answering this on the grounds that sarah will probly say something. shut up and leave me alone.
5] Used someone? no.
6] Been used? i dunno.
7] Done something you regret? yeah, for about the past three months,

1] You touched? *shrugs*
2] You talked to? my mom
3] You hugged? nobody ;_;
4] You instant messaged? zack
5] Yelled at? my sister
6] You laughed with? i think it was derek....
7] You had a crush on? doug
8] Who broke your heart? nobody

...DO YOU...
1] Color your hair? sorta.
2] Have tattoos? no. you already asked that.
3] Piercings? shut up!! i already said yeah!
4] Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? ......oh, both. of COURSE. -_-0
5] Floss daily? mostly
6] Own a webcam? no
7] Ever get off the damn computer? DUH
8] Sprechen sie deutsche? puh
9] Habla Espanol? i try. i suck at it tho.
10] Latin? as if
11] Tu parle Francais? two words, maybe

1] Stolen anything? not that i remember
2] Smoke? no
3] Smoke pot? NO
4] Take "E"? NOO!!! SHUT UP!!
5] Crack? not even answering this. quit repeating the same retarded questions.
6] Drink? shut up........
7] Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? shut up.......
8] been so drunk you didn't care that you couldn't remember your name? and SHUT UP
9] posed for nude pics? ....oh, yeah, ALL the time....
10] Considered a life of crime? miss goody goody? yeah right.
11] Considered being a hooker? ^
12] Considered being a pimp? .....
13] Are you psycho? sometimes, apparently
14] split personalities? noo.....
15] Schizophrenic? that's the SAME THING, dork who wrote this stupid survey!!
16] Obsessive? at times
17] Compulsive? yeah.........see away message, must read
18] obsessive compulsive? SHUT UP
19] Panic? lots
20] Anxiety? yeah
21] Depressed? sometimes
22] Suicidal? not really
23] Obsessed with hate? -_-0
24] Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? oh, YEAH. -_-0
25] Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? whatever.....

1] If you could be anywhere, where would you be? ...not here. i dunno
2] Whom would you be with? i dunno........
3] What would you be doing? NOTHING. leave me alone.
4] What are you listening to? trip away. SAID THIS ALREADY
5] Can you do anything freakish with your body? i have a double jointed thumb.....
6] Chicken or fish? they're both good.
7] Do you have a favorite animal? dogs are okay
8] Is ice cream the best thing in the world? it's good......not the best......
9] When we kiss, ooh, fire? ooh, what the heck? define "we".......Oo
10] Do you have any pictures of celebrities on your walls? if you count inu yasha......
11] Do you ever whistle in the dark? i can't even WHISTLE
12] Do you like lemon pinesol or plain pinesol? neither. they both stink.
13] Do you believe the bible is a work of fiction? no
14] Are you full of preconceived notions? i hope not
15] Do you misplace things often? YES.
16] Were you obese as a child?
17] Spaghetti with or without meatballs? with. definitely with.
18] Have you ever been struck by lightning? no.....
20] Do you like to open fortune cookies? ....sure. why not.
21] Does your dentist ask you questions when his/her fingers are in your mouth? yes, don't they all?
22] Do you get depressed in the winter? i get depressed whatever the season. although winter does suck a lot....
23] Are you tired of all the Disney paraphernalia? ...............
25] Do you ever wish you were a cat? ..........just....just.....go away........
26] Do you practice yoga? noooooo
27] What kind of dog are you? I AM NOT A DOG!!!! STOP ASKING GAY QUESTIONS!!!!!! ><
28] Have you ever given someone a haircut? no geez
29] What are you going to do next? how in the heck should i know?
30] What is your favorite quote? "i hope this survey is over soon"
31] Name 2 people you want to thank for their friendship: *silence* can't think of anybody at the moment, sorry.
32] Have you ever considered a religious school? ew, no.
33] If you could have two things given to you to keep for the rest of your life what would they be? a car and a phone. need need need.
34] Who's the daddy? .......brian. brian's pimpin' ^^;;
35] What is the worst quality a person can have? being stubborn.
36] Would you die for a friend? yes
37] What song is totally perfect for having sex? choose. Oo;;

wheehoooo........maybe somehow my blog will magically look better today. ^^ oh well, i can always hope.....

Thursday, May 02, 2002

there.....the san antonio story is down below. v v v v v v v

not done yet...but getting there.....and sorry I have no links/info either, those are what I'll do next. ^^;;
So. Here is the total and complete log of what happened at San Antonio. (well, almost)

*gets back from San Antonio*
*spins around in circles* woooh, bus lag....@_@ a city with no humidity. amazing. *_* daaaaamn the weather....well anyway. on to our adventures. in much more detail than anyone wants to know. ^^;; not really, it's just kinda....long. but interesting. yeah. VERY interesting....>=)

Our Trip


lesse. I got to school at about 7:00, staggered into the commons, dropped my stuff, said hi to Crystal, and then realized.....I forgot my music. 9_9 so I freaked out, asked Crystal to pleez watch my stuff, and ran to the cafeteria to find Derek (Ensign....stand partner...) He wasn't I talked to my other Derek friend (DeGroot *waves*) about anime and cool stuff...and then I gave up on the first Derek and went back into the commons, found Amy, and we went to the library to copy it. Didn't see Doug. ;_; Copy machine was being retarded, wouldn't take my quarter ><, so I had to exchange four nickels for 20 cents from the dude at the front desk. Finally about three minutes after the last bell rings we leave the library and head towards the orchestra room. still no Doug. ;_; waah.....and then we saw Ashley's mom, talked to her for a while, and then Ashley joined us and we went inside. Crazy stuff happened from then on....for some odd reason there was a roll of toilet paper in the room by Derek's Hehe....he was makin' fun of me for forgetting my music. whoops. ^^; We practiced for like 2 hours (gah) and I was kinda hungry, so I kinda felt like I was gonna faint.... =x eep. hehe, that woulda scared the crap outta Derek tho. THEN we finally left (early! woohoo!) and loaded up the buses, then set off for good ol' SA. XD
We "numbered off" on the bus, which is always fun because everyone gets a number and there's always SOMEONE who forgets their number, so it's like, "1....2...3...4...5...6..7...*pause pause pause* We're waiting on number 8..." and so on. And then there's people like Michael who say "treinta dos" for 32 and confuse everybody. haha.
Hunter: 31!
Michael: Treinta dos! *silence* It's 32 in Spanish.....
person: oh, 33.....
so yeah, there were like 50 people, counting the chaperones. Oo For a while I just listened to my music (w/ Ash's headphones ^.^) & then we watched Moulin Rouge. FINALLY got to see the ending of that movie. It was funny cuz Winston kept going, "oh yeah, he's hot" and stuff like that. After that we stopped in Waco for lunch at a bunch of fast-food restaurants and went to Taco Bell. I wasn't hungry enough for one of their huge bean burritos, so I just got nachos and a drink. ^^;; (i am not anorexic, you!) Then we went outside and sat down in front of McDonald's and Ashley called Zack. (her bf) I still need to meet him, dangit. >< I went inside to throw my drink away and go to the bathroom and saw this scary guy with a stuffed monkey. 9_9 Then we got back on the bus and drove some more...watched Bring It On, funny movie...watched Saving Silverman...even funnier sum it all up, we finally got to San Antonio at about 3:30. We pulled into a random parking lot in back of the Rivercenter, and Mr. Peacock told us to be back at the bus at 7:45. woohoo freedom! XD We wandered around downtown for a while, Ash bought a phone card, tried to call Zack but it apparently didn't work, and then we went to the arcade. (Cyberzone in Rivercenter Mall or whatever) We played DDR for a while (yes, even me) and then we wandered some more. I called Doug (my bf) from Amy's cell phone, possibly killed the battery. oops. ^^; Decided we were hungry, went downstairs, got ice cream and smoothies. Major brain freezes. Went back to arcade, played more DDR and Tekken Tag. Got to level 5 on Tekken Tag, got our butts kicked. >.< Hunter Derek and Philip came in, looked at us, and went back out. (well they *did*...) Ashley got tickets and bought us stretchy rings. wheehoo. I wanted to read manga, so we went and found some store (Bentano's Books or something like that) Read Fushigi Yuugi 5 & 6 in like 1/2 an hour. Legs fell asleep and fell off. Left store and wandered around Mariott Hotel. I decide I want to look at jewelry ^^;; so we go and find a Claire's. I bought a cool armband (on sale, yeah yeah!) and Ashley bought stuff. Look at watch, freak out cuz we have 10 minutes to find the bus. We left the mall, retraced our steps, and got on the bus. I turn on my music and start jamming. singing too. Derek gets on bus and gives me a weird look. ^^;; We take off and arrive at Omni Hotel about 20 minutes later. You know what? What kind of a name is Omni? I was just thinking's a weird anyway, we got all hyper and stuff. Mr. Peacock made us shut up and we got off and unloaded the bus. After finding all our stuff, we went inside and to the elevators after getting room keys. I had lotsa stuff: my duffel bag, my instrument, my carry-on bag, and my purse. oww. We finally cram into the elevator and get up to the 18th floor, where our room was. We ran around for a while trying to find room 1815, and then I found it. ^^ yayhoo. We FINALLY got the door open with the crappy key, and went inside. It was awesome! We had a TV entertainment thing (with a wine cabinet, but it was locked haha) and a table...and a sink and a pretty bathroom...and a big mirror...^^ hehe, everything was like gold-plated and earthy-colored and tassled. and Ashley said it was like a cheap motel in disguise...all they had to do was paint everything gold, stick tassels on stuff, and use fake marble. haha. Anyhoo, we unpacked and basically scattered our crap all over the room in an organized way. more or less. Then we ate dinner (crackers, EZ cheese, & healthy..) while watching Cartoon Network. Grim & Evil rox0rz. ^-^ THEN I decided I wanted to go swimming, and bugged everyone until we went down to the pool. (it was about 10:30 by this time) I convinced Amy & Ashley to go into the indoor pool because the outdoor one was full of leaves and junk and it was probably freezing cold too. ^^;; ehehe I'm so anyway, we swam around for a while. We were talking when all of a sudden Ashley just like, doubles over screaming in the me and Amy were like, "what the crap?" and Ashley comes back up and apparently has a foot cramp. oww. We started talking again, and a few seconds later the same thing happens. Me and Amy started laughing (poor Ashley, but it *was* getting kind of funny at this point). Finally it goes away and we keep talking, thinking everything's fine. All of a sudden I'm like "AAUUUGGGHHH!!!" *grabs foot*
Amy and Ashley (and me too, hehe...): *cracking up* It's very odd to be laughing and also in yeah, that was The Curse of the Pool. -_-0 After my cramp went away, I went over and got in the hot tub so maybe it wouldn't come back again. All the freshmen were in there (Derek, Amanda, Branden, Philip) and Kenneth, I think. (oh yeah, and Heather) It was kinda crazy...and then Mr. Peacock wanted to take a picture of everybody, so we all squeezed over to one side of the tub and took a picture. Whee. Kinda hard because I was short (am short, whatever..) and struggling to stay above water. Anyway, I got out right after that cuz Amy and Ashley wanted to leave (just as well, cuz curfew was at 11 and it was like 10:50 anyway)
So we went back upstairs and just hung out and watched TV and basically goofed around until like 12:30. then we fell asleep. ^^;;


This was a very weird day.....first of all, for some reason I woke up at about 4:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. and THEN the dumb alarm went off at 6:00.....some annoying dance music station or something. ergh. then the chaperones called us....scared the crap outta I got in my formal wear and stuff to go to the contest. Amy and Ashley didn't wake up until much later. ^^;;

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

yo....kristy here.....I WILL HAVE A BLOG DANGIT. my other one got eaten. >< *works on template*